Information about SolarWisePH

Privacy policy


SolarWisePH (SWPH) is committed to protecting the privacy of your information, in compliance with the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA) or Republic Act No. 10173 and related issuances. It is our policy to keep all personal information gathered through our platform strictly confidential.

By using the SWPH website and providing us with your personal information, it is understood that you have read and agreed to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions. If you do not agree to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information as explained in this Privacy Policy, you are free not to sign up within the platform and simply navigate the limited features available to non-registrants.

The Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time without prior notice to conform to prevailing situations. Rest assured that the updated version will be immediately posted on the platform for your reference. We encourage you to visit the SWPH website regularly to see updates to this privacy policy.

Collection of Data

When you sign-up as a user on the platform or for a newsletter as well as when you use the various features of the platform, SWPH may collect personal and sensitive personal information - that is, information that identifies you as an individual - that you directly and voluntarily provide, as well as other indirect information that could identify you, such as your IP address. The information you voluntarily provide that may be stored in our register include the following:

  • Personal details: Name, email address, contact information, address

  • Company information: Company name, address, government registration details, and serviceable locations

  • Account details: username, password (stored in encrypted format)

  • The logos, banners, photographs, or description text that you as the user may provide about yourself (profile pages)

  • The offers and requests that you post on the platform, via listings or messages

  • Feedback given and received as well as badges

  • Statistical data about service usage, such as number times the user has logged in

In providing these data, you attest that the information that you provide is correct as to prevent the commission of fraud towards other users.

Use and Purpose of Data

Your data is collected for the purposes of organizing your profile within the platform to be seen by prospective clients, solar service providers, or product suppliers, enabling SWPH to improve the delivery of its services, and allowing SWPH to seasonably inform you via newsletter about updates made in the platform.

Raw data or those with identifying information may be used by SWPH to review transactions made within the platform, to help check for errors, or to address an identified issue with the service. Access to messages sent using the platform shall be available to the two users involved in the query or transaction. SWHP may access these messages to ensure that users’ concerns are attended to and adequately addressed. The raw data may also be used internally by SWPH to assess the effectiveness of the website to our users. When required by law or government issuances, SWPH may also disclose your relevant personal information.

For research and data analytics purposes, SWPH may aggregate the data collected and remove identifying personal information to limit or prevent identification of any specific user. Only after the non-public identifying information of the users are removed can SWPH share aggregated data with third parties to continue providing and improve the service, address technical issues and related problems, and onboard investors. Thus, researchers will not publish any research results that would reveal your identity.

SWPH shall ask your consent before using or processing your personal information for purposes outside of this Privacy Policy.

Storage and Protection of Data

As regards storage of data, information provided to SWPH using this marketplace platform may be stored in a cloud storage facility with sufficient safeguards to protect your data. Access to the information is restricted to the SWPH team.

Access to and Deletion of Data

You have the right to access personal information being processed by SWPH about you. Should you need to access or correct such information, send us an email at

If you wish to withdraw consent to SWPH’s processing of your data, you may delete your account within the platform together with all the information you have provided in it. For the removal only of  your specific personal information or withdrawal of consent for a particular purpose or activity, or you may send an email to to indicate the specific information to be removed or particular activity in which you are withdrawing consent.